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Probleme conectare al 3-lea cont/Connecting 3rd account problems !

Este disponibil Patchul la sectiunea download, pentru cei care au probleme in a conecta al 3-lea cont, de asemenea clientul deja cu Patch in el !

Available in Downloads section the patch for those who have problems in connecting the 3rd account, also the client with patch included !


Just download and replace the files in actual client !

Download si copiati peste fisierele existente din joc !

2023-05-28 22:16

2023-05-28 22:13

2023-05-20 14:16

20.05 Ora/Hour 19PM GMT Bucharest


  • Exp 20x
  • GR 25 rr (keep points)
  • GR Reward 50k WcoinsP to buy items Exe from X-shop Non FO or Custom Wings FO
  • Chaos Mix (1 Jwl of fusion + 10Jwl of Exe + Bundled Jewel of Creation + Bundle Jwl of Chaos)= Jewel of FULL
  • All vip classes can use command /EVO (evolve to 2nd and 3rd class)
  • Vip Bronze Access Arena Vip 1
  • Vip Silver and Gold Access Arena vip 1 & 2
  • Added Panda ring and Pet just in X shop (with duration)
  • Max stats 65k
  • Jewel of Fusion drop only in one map Swamp of Calmness




2023-05-19 07:25


Se pot crea conturile !

Accounts may be created !

3 Accounts per IP !

Clientul va fi disponibil in data de 19.05/Client will be available on 19.05 !



2023-05-16 00:20


Se pot crea conturile !

Accounts may be created !

2 Accounts per IP !

Clientul va fi disponibil in data de 19.05/Client will be available on 19.05 !



2023-05-16 00:17

Reset Database ! 19.05.2023 RE-OPEN

In data de 10.05 se va inchide serverul pentru a se reseta, odata cu resetarea vom realiza urmatoarele modificari!

  • Grand Reset:25 rr (se pastreaza punctele ) se vor adauga WcoinsP din care puteti cumpara in joc Boxes:Custom Wings,Sets,Jewel Exe,Pets,Jewel of Fusion (creare jewel of full)
  • 2 Conturi conectate in simultan de pe acelasi IP.
  • Se va actualiza X-Shopul(Din acest motiv, in loc sa adaugam Patch, o sa facem Re-Upload la Client nou,deoarece anumiti playeri pot intampina dificultati in a copia/adauga patchul in folderul corespunzator.
  • Box of Wings:8 Custom wings compatibile cu fiecare clasa.
  • Vor fi dezactivate unele optiuni de reward de pe site.
  • Intrarea in arenele vip:Arena vip1 lvl 250, Arena vip2 lvl 290
  • Clasele VIP vor avea aceiasi exp ca si clasele no-vip, Arenele VIP avand MOBS mai puternici (exp mai mare)
  • Nu va mai exista iteme FO castigate sau cumparate, se va putea crea in joc cu putina munca JEWEL of FULL pentru a fi adaugat in ce item doriti !
  • Se va mari experienta.
  • Max points 65k
  • Max ML 399
  • Jewel of fusion Drop Cleon(low drop)

2023-05-08 00:44

Drop changes!

Hello everybody,


Bellow you can find some changes we've made today:

1. Red Dragon Invasion - reward: BC/DS/Kalime invite / ticket / jewels bundle - 2 mobs in Lorencia/ Davias & 3 of them in Noria

2. Golden Box - drop rare jewel, skeleton pet/ring, Elite potion mana/hp, Chaos talisman, bundle jwls

3. Silver Box - drop rare jewel, Talisman of luck, 40% dmg pet, Skeleton ring

4. Lucky 10 - bundle & box 1/2/3

5. Lucky 20 - bundle, crest, feather, box 3/4

6. Lucky 30 - bundle, feather condor, box 5, ring/pendant exe, flame condor, TOCA

7. Pumpkin - 30min buffs

8. Skeleton king - 1 Skeleton ring/pet/ bundle jewels

9. Rare box - up to 4 items (2 to 4 of them ancient)

10. White wizard - chaos bundle, pet 40%, skeleton ring/pet


Thank you & enjoy!


4fun MuTeam!

2023-03-25 13:49

Drop changes

Hello everybody,


Bellow you can find the changes we've made today:

1. Change rate for jewels 1/1 - all jewels

2. Only events the you see on global chat are actived, the rest of them are disabled at this moment

3. Bug nonexe items +7/+8/+9 - just a visual bug due to custom items

4. Golden Box - drop rare jewel, Elite potion mana/hp, Chaos talisman, bundle jwls

5. Silver Box - drop rare jewel, Talisman of luck, 40% dmg pet, Rudolf

6. Goblin points change rate 10 for 1 wcoin

7. Items 380/400 are active from level 1


8. Success rate rare jewel - 15% higher

9. GIFT xshop - not active


10. Bosses at events - higher defense and hp

11. XShop updated - download patch on website


Thank you & enjoy!

2023-03-20 00:30


Server is on, you can all enter.


We just need to fix the Launcher but there is no need to close the Server for it !

2023-03-18 15:45

Server Update / Drop changes

Hello everybody,

Around 1:00pm-2:00pm RO time we will close the server for some bug fix & drop change.

We will let you know what is changed after that.

Thank you!


4fun Team!

2023-03-18 12:39


Hello everybody!


We've made some changes yesterday, detailed bellow:

1. Drop Dimensional Mirror - now it drops bundle jewels, TOCA.

2. Drop Hydra Invasion - now it drops Sealed Golden Box

3. Drop Gorgon Invasion - now it drops Sealed Silver Box

4. Drop Ice Queen Invasion - now it drops 5 random jewels

5. Drop Balrog Invasion - now it drops Silver Key

6. Drop Zaikan Invasion - now it drops Gold Key

7. We disabled /reset command, from now on you can only reset on website


To be changed/dealt with:

1. Drop Kundun

2. Drop Red Dragon

3. Drop Pumpkin


Thank you!


4fun Team

2023-03-12 15:19

2023-03-12 15:19

Events set up/drop changes & Event - Sunday, after Castle Siege

Hello everyone,


Today we will work to improve the events & the drop, you might notice some lag/reconnect issues.


We are sorry for this & as a reward for your patience, we want to organize an event, Sunday after Castle Siege with great prizes & a lot of fun.


Thank you,

4fun Team!

2023-03-11 16:13

Online: 21
Server Stats
  • Server Season S6
  • Points Per Level 5/6/7
  • Max Stats 65000
  • Server Exp 15x
  • Server Drop 60%
  • Total Accounts 42
  • Total Characters 73
  • Total Guilds 3
  • Game Masters 4
  • Players Online 21
  • Online Record 27
  • Active In 24Hours 11
Top Players
Name Lvl RR GR
1   WarMachine 368 13 1
2   CarteL 366 9 1
3   Storm 250 1 1
4   IceBaby 250 1 1
5   Socrate 307 25 0
Top Guilds
Name Logo Score Master
1 LEGION 0 Socrate
2 FRIENDS 0 PrandeliBK
3 ADMINS 0 GameMaster
Event Timer
Blood Castle
Start In 01h 45m 55s
Devil Square
Start In 02h 15m 55s
Chaos Castle
Start In 45m 55s
Illusion Temple
Start In 03h 15m 54s
Crywolf Event
Start In 3d 14h 16m 25s
Golden Dragon
Start In 02h 10m 55s
Red Dragon
Start In 45m 55s
Skeleton King
Start In 11h 45m 55s
Red Dragon
Start In 45m 55s
White Wizard
Start In 04h 35m 55s
Start In 02h 05m 55s
Start In 04h 15m 55s
Start In 14h 25m 55s
Start In 04h 20m 55s
Start In 02h 45m 55s
Start In 03h 45m 55s

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